Personal Mission: Accomplished

So. This blog was created with the personal mission to make male encounters go the way I want them, too – I had been single for nearly 2 years, I was having great experiences but sick of casual only.

The last few weeks I also made a bunch of bad experiences – not connected to PUA, but I met a bunch of assholes in a row.

Well, I just wrote my guest post over at Kevin’s and gave one example for how a man got my attention and my attraction. I’ll repeat part of it here:

Example #2:
A guy living in my current home town. I don’t remember the first time I saw him. Yes, that’s how insignificant the first times seeing him was. A while ago I started to work regularly at a café with WiFi. He’s there every day during the week and after the third day or something and nothing but short exchanges he invites me over to his table and involves me into a random conversation. Since that day on, we’ve been working together at the same table every day. We both go there regularly for passing the nights / evenings with some beer or just a coffee as well, and he ended up coming over to where I was more and more often. By now (about 1 month later), he’s coming directly to me first thing when he enters. I haven’t seen him sit down at another table when I was there for quite a while.

He turned out to be very intelligent, a great conversation partner, always interested in what I have to say, always having something interesting to add, without ever appearing to cling to my words.

So far for that.

Well, this guy moved to another town just a week ago, so starting from that we do not see each other regularly anymore. We saw each other on Friday in the café, but he was going around trying to talk with everyone, I was with other friends, so we didn’t talk much, although that “not much” actually included a small flirt. Instead he asked me to accompany him to a big party in another town on Saturday, and I agreed. The rest is history, got drunk, started holding hands, kissing, etc.

So, this guy has NO idea of game. Also, I probably made it kind of hard for him, because as one of my closest friend here, he knew the stories about the assholes I met – which made him veeeery careful to say or show anything more than friendship – I actually asked him about this afterwards and he said, yes, he didn’t want to be one of them and was afraid to lose my friendship.

So I had a pretty good notion of that. My antennas for men are fine, so I was pretty damn sure he was interested in me. Take a bit of alcohol as an excuse, and I’m not afraid to show my interest a bit stronger than I usually do.

God, he so needed some pushing… xD But I am not complaining. This is what I wanted. I have a guy seriously crazy and interested in way more than sex with me, which is exactly what my personal mission for this blog is. I’m going straight forward into a relationship (I’m actually kinda asking myself if I already am in one. We didn’t talk about that explicitly …)

But this is NOT the end of this blog. The story continues, for sure. I still have a lot to share on my plate anyway, and I will continue to do that. I might fall short on new actual stories, because I’m not the kind of girl who continuously heavy flirts with others during a relationship.

I’m pretty proud actually. I created this blog a month ago, with it came also the decision of trying to have it all go my way, with the personal goal of having someone who wants a relationship with me.  And I can safely say, I accomplished this mission,

A month? Nice timing 😀

So, what is left, is of course the NON-personal mission of this blog, and I will concentrate on that from now on. Which actually means, it’s getting even more interesting for you, because I’m concentrating on you guys 😉


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