Lesson #2: Body Language / tips and tricks

It should be obvious, that PU, or even dating in general is ALL ABOUT body language.
Of course, there are other points. But if you fuck up in that part, it will be extremely hard to succeed with the others only. As in, nearly impossible. Your body tells a story of what you think and what you feel, the most honest one you can give. People know that, even unconsciously. Everyone feels the aversion if that’s what your body language says.
You can have the most intense conversations, if your body shows zero apprehension (not even speaking of aversion), he won’t have the confidence to make a move because (even unconsciously) he’ll think you are not open for anything with him. Give him the confidence he needs to make a move. For shy people: learn it. There’s no way around it. Also, there is nothing “bad” happening with body language.

Start with extremely small things, and watch his reaction on them:

If you start touching his arm when talking to him, or starting to talk to him, does he feel comfortable, does he meet your eyes? Does he do the same? Touch his leg (and / or his arm, depending on seeting conditions) “unconsciously” when sitting next to him – does he keep his leg there? Or does he move it away?

Lean in closer when you’re talking. Does he do the same? Concentrate fully on conversations, keep your eyes fixed on him. What about him? Do his eyes dart around the room or does he watch you? Plus, do his eyes linger on your body in between? (The more they are, the more likely he’ll want to fuck you as soon as possible. Pretty obviously I guess. But don’t think just because his eyes linger on your boobs for a sec, that that’s all he wants. Especially if he thought you’re not looking. Girls. He IS a man after all. Have you never checked out his ass when he’s in front of you?! Or belly?

And an advanced one: (Only recommended for ONS or people you know well and already feel sth is going on) In a situation where you’re sitting close, bodys already touching – for subtle things, involuntary touching (for example, I used this in a bus, sitting next to each other) –  talk about something animatedly, use your arms and hands. After finishing a point, let the arm close to him drop on his leg instead of your own. Just for a short moment. Then “realise” what you just did and put it away. Careful, don’t do it too fast or it will look like aversion! Watch his reaction closely. Is he watching your hand? Does he look confused? Look him in the eye!! If it seems positive and you’re really in an animated conversation, feel free to repeat. Maybe let it linger longer. I did this on the way to saying goodbye to a good friend of mine after 2 weeks of subtly flirting with him (he’s so shy it’s a pain in the ass…). In the end I actually kept my hand there for a pretty long time. And then went back to tickle him in between (constant joke between us) so he grabbed my hand to keep me from doing it and kept it on his leg after that. Was close to holding hands romantically. This is another (unfinished) story, but girls, this can be gold if used correctly.
But, trust me, this is of course not for everyone and for every situation. Apart from the unvoluntary dropping. You can always do that.

Best excuse for touching: laughing. Most people move when laughing hard about something. If you’re laughing about something he said – well, honey, you won’t have a better excuse to touch him.

Hey, girls. If you are at a loud place, there is absolutely NO WAY to not be able to do this in the best fashion ever. You have hundreds of excuses for touching, leaning close. Touch him, lean in close to talk to him, lean in when he wants to talk to you, and after whatever was said, keep close and look him in the eye before stepping away a bit again. Come on, there is no easier place than a loud bar for subtly showing interest. Really. Sometimes I think that’s why loud music was invented.

Just realised I forgot an obvious one. Smile. Fucking smile. You’ll always have a reason if you know that guy. All of these are small signs. All of them (except for the advanced one, depending how you use it) can be put off as involuntary, so you have zero reason to feel ashamed if he doesn’t react the way you want him too. But he will feel that you like being close to him.

Even if he has no idea about interepreting body language, he will FEEL it. Trust me. And you get a small insight about what he might be up to. Interpreting his positive body language in detail as to what exactly he’s up to – still working on that one. I’m misinterpreting a few times and also think that this is different from man to man. And most men desire you for at least one night anyway, so it’s also hard to have differences there.


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