Am I the only girl…

… who has a significiant difference between guys she’s attracted to sexually and for a long-term relationship (LTR)? And, also, guys who are SUITED for a LTR?

I’m crazy attracted on first view to guys who obviously have game and might as well be consciously or unconsciously PUAs, in short: most likely totally not currently suited for a LTR. As in, yeah, I’m in the mood to jump then right then and there. Might also be interested in a relationship, but mainly sexually attracted.

And then there’s the other type of guys. Those casually good-looking ones, none you see and think “wow” on first sight, but definitely not bad-looking. You know the type. Usually also not that cool in body language (oh my fucking god, men’s body language. Note, that’s one of my next posts for sure.), often no game, etc. Which, in my eyes, does not make them UNattractive, but not attractive either. That’s the guys I usually become friends with pretty easily, and only after a while I start considering them as actual possible partners (for whatever). But even then, I’m not hot about them – but I can imagine a relationship with them (fyi, GM from lesson #1 and lesson #1.1 belongs to that category).

This got me thinking. Because, looking back, I don’t think I was ever sexually crazy about any boyfriend I had. I liked them for their personality, there were not necessarily very good-looking (my last one became very good-looking after a year, but I’m talking about the beginning now). Which I don’t care about – but is there a specific difference between guys I’m sexually attrated to and guys I want a relationship with?

This thought scares the fucking hell out of me. Imagine. That means, I’ll never be completely crazy about a boyfriend. I’ll love him, with all my feelings and the way I just am. But sexually I’d always look for something else.

I mean, wtf. Really?? That sounds like a horror scenario.

Or, has the one guy, that has both perfect qualities, simply not shown up? Is that the ultimate goal I should be looking for? That crazy good-looking guy I drool over who happens to be a perfect boyfriend? Oh, come on. We all know the chances for that are pretty low. And, even if. Do I want a guy every girl drools over?


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