The List

Guys have them. I wanna have my own. So here we go. age 17 to present:

4,5. all from my native country, 3 months – 4 years, all my age +-1. minus the .5, which was nearly a relationship, he was 5ys older

One- /two-timers with friends:
3. one from my native country, one Latin from my current home country, one Turkish, all 2-4ys younger than me

7. 5 of them Latin from my current home country, 1 Turkish, 1 Scottish, everything between 19 and 27

2008 – 2013: 5 (the 4.5 relationships)
2014: 6
2015: 2

Total: 13

I can absolutely confirm the prejudices. Latin guys are amazing in bed. I’ve been having some fucking amazing sex here. I can only say to be disappointed after twice. Those guys know what they’re doing, hell yeah. This, plus the fact that I’m traveling a lot, are obviously the reasons my ONS number is higher than I want it to be, especially in 2014. I’m pretty sure I’d see some of those guys more regularly if I’d live where they live. And who knows, maybe even start a relationship. But being the way it is, it’s hard to satisfy a healthy sex drive with the same partner if there’s no one you like in the town you live in. Working on that. Preferably relationship,

If you’re interested in further statistics concerning specific topics, let me know.


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