Lesson #1.1 How to be patient with your impatience

Yeah. So last night with GM went well. And I’m starting to get a bit excited about what’s happening, especially because, so far, things are going very slowly – which is at least a very good sign it’s going into the wanted direction 😉

UNFORTUNATELY however, slowly is not really my type. I want things and life to be fast. I hate waiting. So, things went well yesterday: met in a bar later, just the 2 of us, talked animatedly, he invited me back to his place (at 2am … I had a bad feeling about it going into another direction, but, no =) *well done, girl*), drank another glass of wine, smoked a joint … Animated talk all night – pretty cute, at the end of the night he thanked me A FEW TIMES for the talks and the night and that we should meet for coffee today again, do a trip again some time soon, etc. Going well, ladies! Slow, because there are no steps forward except for psychological closeness and, positive body language and a bit increased touching while talking, but all going into the right direction.

Yeah. So, there I was, things going well, but slowly. What did I do? Do without thinking properly, breaking my game and being impatient. I had baked a cake in the morning and sent him a photo of it, asking if he wants to come over in the afternoon. We had talked about stopping by, but not actually decided anything. Damn. Well, I don’t think it does any actual harm to my game, but dafuq, I AM trying to change my game after all! So I should stick to it. And since he responded with “i don’t know, but looks delicious” and I didn’t hear from anything else, I obviously feel bad about breaking my game. Gnah. But, well, a good reminder. I have to be patient and learn how to control my non-patience I guess 😀 Relax, Nanini, relax ….

A lesson for you: A step back is not necessarily bad, but a step forward too early can make you fall to death. Not that I think this will be the case for me (come on, it’s nothing sincere after all), but an important rule to remember.


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