Lesson #1: Patience

As chance would have it, it seems like a good match (GM) for experimenting and learning my own lessons came around.

To tell the story, let me introduce you to an important person in my life: my flatmate and one of my best friends, smurfette =) smurfette is a beautiful girl my age, in a happy but currently long-distance relationship (she’s actually with her boyfriend as we speak, I’m home alone 😦 ). She usually gets quite some attention from men (I get it, if I were gay I’d be head over heels for her), although not immediately attracts attention like I do because she looks as if she could be a local. But living in a small town, everyone of course knows, she’s not 😉 Anyway, instead she tries to help me get around and find someone – not exactly the wingman from the book, but she tries her best.

So a week ago we randomly met an acquaintance (GM) in a bar, and a friend of us (who knows him way better than us) gave me a hint that he’s into me and asked if I like him. He’s not exactly my scheme, but he’s also definitely not out of it. At that night I doubted her words pretty much (she tends to exaggerate), but started testing the waters anyway. Subtle flirting, especially body language, nothing heavy, just seeing how he’d react. Well, there was definitely no aversion, he spent the whole night at our table next to me, but at the same time I didn’t recognise any particularly positive body reaction. The 3 of us spontaneously decided to spend Saturday together on a day trip and I kept testing from time to time, but didn’t feel any vibes coming from him. With that I thought it was clear for me, our friend had been wrong about GM.

That’s what I thought. Until yesterday. Like many evenings, I was in a cafe with my laptop, half working, half talking to a friend (who was also working), when he came in. We hadn’t seen each other since Saturday (where we had a really nice tip btw), greeted, he got a beer, got to our table. The 3 of us talked animatedly, but after a while the friend had to leave. We stayed being, and I realised his body language was changing throughout the conversation, he was really interested in what I said, leaned in, etc. (Did I mention I looked like shit yesterday, was still in trainers from a training session earlier and going to another one later? :D) Out of nothing he asked me if I want to drink anything – immediately I thought, okay, here’s the dealbreaker, and hesitated, and when he said, “ah, come on” mentioned I’m a bit short on money lately. He went to the bar and came back with 2 beers, And while that got me wondering, I was pretty sure game was on when I had to leave later (another training session) and he insisted on asking me if I’m coming back in the night, he’d “really like” to take a coffee. I played it down and said, yeah, I’d probably drop by after training and a shower (high 5 for me) and he asked me to send him a text about it later. It got later than expected for me, and I texted him I’d probably go there around 11 – I knew he couldn’t respond, no money on the phone. He ended up not coming, which confused me a bit, but didn’t disturb me, because I was with friends anyway. Maybe it was already too late for him, I don’t know at which time he had to work today.

So. My antennas are up, there’s definitely some interest. I thought a few times about texting again / calling him yesterday, but remembered my new game .. That would have been old me, over enthusiastic (but even more with friends), always getting in touch, caring, etc. No. I just didn’t give a fuck he didn’t come. Might pretend I nearly forgot he wanted to come if he should mention it next time we see each other. Have a pretty good feeling that might be tonight, if I’m staying in town. We’ll see. Usually I’d have texted him today at the latest, and I didn’t.

Patience is the key. Don’t show too much interest, just enough is okay for the beginning. So far I’m 100% positive I didn’t send him any signs about being interested about sex only, so far so good. That’s definitely the goal for now 😀

I think GM really is a good match for testing out my new game – I like him, he’s attractive, talkative, we like the same music. But at the same time he’s nobody I’m crazy about, so I don’t get engaged too much. And still definitely worth a game imo 😉

I’ll keep you updated. Plus more lessons coming, pretty soon I guess.

Funny thing, btw. Since I decided changing my game, 3 people I had started texting over Tinder and exchanged numbers / whatsapp started texting, but stopped talking a few months ago, started texting me again. Is doing nothing so obvious? 😀


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