Game On – My Turn. Now.

Welcome, dear readers. I’ll introduce myself to you as Nanini, a typical Northern European girl (from the looks, thank god) living in a Latin country since nearly half a year. Nanini is actually a nickname someone I will mention very soon gave me after trying to pronounce my real name. I got a bit hooked on that one. The name, not the guy. Explanation following…

I’m not new to blogging, but got frustrated with my main blog, because it was not anonymous and I had too many things on my mind that I did not want to share unanonymously. So, here we are. I feel a bit sad about losing some regular readers (my blog was starting to get more popular recently), but the main topic of this one is kinda hot, so I trust in new readers very soon 😉

My main blog is about hundreds of different stuff, including traveling and music, but this one will concentrate on the intimate things in life. Oh, yes. Love, Dating, Sex, Guys, Girls, all you can think of as in probably not wanting to share unanonymously.

Right now, that means, I’ll talk about fPUA, female Pick Up Artistry. I’m on a mission to become and / or being one, the reason will be revealed in the following post.

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of the term Pick Up, as it got pretty popular some years ago – but if not, check this out wikipedia, or read a bit through some forums like I’ll offer some more links and references later, but I’m only getting started in this field as well. I totally recommend reading a bit through that, it’s extremely insightful, funny, although sometimes, a bit disgusting, as well.

For now I won’t go into detail what I think about this male community, but it got me hooked very fast. It’s amazingly interesting to read how guys more or less tweak the situation and use typical female characteristics to use them your way. I’m nothing you can call a typical girl, but still.

And then I stumbled over fPUA. Female Pick Up Artists. Yes, they exist. The goal stays the same: Picking up guys, making them interested into you – where you from there, that’s your decision. Completely different approaches than for men, obviously, and some women started getting into this topic. As I said, I’m only getting started myself, but one name that has to be mentioned, is definitely Arden Leigh. Check out her blog or go see some interviews with her. I’m still waiting to read through quite some stuff, but definitely intersting to me also seems Ava Maven’s blog. If u readers out there have more for me, for us, please provide! =) I’ll make a list of fPUA blogs and collect them for you (and me).

So, this is it. My short introduction as to who I am and what I’ll be doing here. Like it or not, it will also be a diary for me, to keep track of what’s happening and to review it.

Any fPUA out there, I’d love to hear from you, to read your blogs, etc.


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